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Re: The Multiplayer Map Reader's Digest

Post by chains »

Hi Doc,

Very excited about the new maps in 1.6 (Aren't we all?) When you have time could you post up some discussion about the new Isar's changes? A new version was a long time coming. As it's the most played map, I think there are a lot of people like me wanting to know the details of your choices. So we can learn to play the map better, and so any comments we might make will be better informed.

My first questions were as such:

Seems like a lot of desert? Drakes seem to have gotten a lot out of the new map.
Why Mushrooms? I am understanding the need to downgrade the elf situation. It's interesting why you choose mushroom.
Interesting to move the one of the start villages 1 unit away (how come?)
The new hill behind the center is interesting, but I'm not sure how to work it yet?
Can't wait to see the new forest hills in action.

My questions aren't complaints or suggestions. I just want to understand how the game changes so I can adapt my game. I am sure lots of wesnoth's more experienced players want to "get in Doc's head" so to speak.

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Re: The Multiplayer Map Reader's Digest

Post by Doc Paterson »

I do indeed have a lot to say about the new Isar's, but I'm afraid it'll have to wait a day or two, as I'm very bogged down with work. Stay tuned. :)
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Re: The Multiplayer Map Reader's Digest

Post by Scubaforce »

The Manzivan Traps seemed to be messing up on me, because when i wasplaying I set it to Age of Legends, and some of the computers didnt recruit the first turn, but when they did recruit it was all the same unit ie: All the elves mass produced white mages. I'm not sure what was going on, but i thought I'd mention it.
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Re: The Multiplayer Map Reader's Digest

Post by jb »

Recently the 4player map Clash was changed to a 1221 side format. After long discussions with people on both sides of the arguement, I've decided to revert Clash back to it's previous 1212 side format. Anyone who doesn't want to wait for the next update can get it here. Simply replace your old .map and .cfg files with these new ones.
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