Seeking Help Locating Game Files

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Seeking Help Locating Game Files

Post by Wevilspore »

I have explored some of the files in the game. However, I need help to make certain changes. I was trying to create a new faction called the Elementals. I was able to find and modify all the movement types to separate the Lava terrain from the Chasm terrain so that my ground-based Fire Elementals can travel across Lava but not Chasm's.

There are a couple of abilities that I want to create. One will be referred to as "{Terrain}home". The idea is to allow the unit regeneration only in the indicated {Terrain}. The other is Charm.

What I had in mind for Charm was that the afflicted unit would be under the control of the effect's controller for 1 turn (like Slow).

One final thought: units should get experience for healing others. This should be at a rate of 1XP for each unit, other than self (so "drainers" and "regeneraters" don't get this) that receives some healing.

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Post by Emmanovi »

That last idea has been suggested....

Too many times...
FPI thread wrote:* Healing should give experience
Background: it is felt that levelling-up some units with healing abilities is too difficult, and they should get
experience through healing.
Result: it is felt that allowing units to gain experience without risk would make levelling-up of such units
inevitable. Further, one of the motivating examples of this is so that units such as shaman can have a hope to level up
in multiplayer. It is pointed out that if the experience gains were high enough to allow shaman to level up in a single
multiplayer game, then it would be trivial to gain the best type of healing unit in a campaign very quickly.
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