1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by leocrotta »

The most interesting match I have played for long, same counts for WildPenguin.
Knalgan(WildPenguin) vs Loyalists(nani) on Freelands.
An outlaw heavy approach countered by horsies countered by unreliable thunderers ...
More than 40turns of action with a possible loss for each of us at some point.
You just have to watch it :D

have fun watching and best regards leocrotta (nani)
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by bert1 »

That was a very nice game, leocrotta. Long, but there was lots of action and blood. Good use of cavalry. One wonders what would have happened if those thunderers had hit more at the end..
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Yoshimitsu »

Here is a game i played today, me(Loy) s T-Thief(Dwarve) on Weldyn Channel. I really started bad with kinda stupid recruits. Which lead the enemy to attack early in game, so it went with alot of action up and down. Some lil mistakes by T-Thief made the Victory for me.
Wasn´t the best game i ve played or seen, just wanted to post my first post lol xD

greetz Yoshimitsu ^^
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Monster »

Here is a replay of today's ladder match of me(Drakes) versus Zorro(Knalgans), although I made some rookie mistakes and as it seems I have pretty itchy fingers XD, could I get some feedback on what I was doing wrong in this match?
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by F8 Binds... »

F8 Binds... (Northerners) vs oesis (Loyalists)

Interesting matchup on Fallenstar Lake. I made an initial village grab at the start of the game to force all his units towards the main front, and I snuck another wolf behind on the bottom of the screen to steal 2 villages, again forcing him to move a few important units away to catch the village stealer. Thus, I made my assault, and he died out easily due to some insane luck, lack of units, and opponent's decision to not retreat.

Perhaps this is a replay proving that the luck here was not entirely relevant to my opponent's defeat.
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Yogibear »

Two very nice games vs tbal, both on Caves of the Basilisk. If you think you have seen everything - watch Elves play vs desperate Drakes. I won't tell more, just this: It's definitely worth watching :wink: .
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Creon »

Creon(Drakes) vs AssassinT90(Orcs)
47 turns
51 dead goblins
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Wintermute »

Here replays of all of my games in the ToC4, except my second game vs Baufo. Perhaps he has it somewhere?
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by JW »

Hey, just a thought, might not be useful or practical, but what if the replays in this thread were packaged into threads for the appropriate version? This thread could then link to them all kinda like how I set the HTP guide up.

It would be pretty impractical to do this for older versions obviously, but perhaps for 1.6 on? Basically, to make an idiot-proof diagram of what I mean:

-Main thread: links to all the threads in its opening post, including:
--this thread for pre-1.6 replays
--all 1.6 replays (as they should all be compatible)
--each 1.7.x thread individually
---then the 1.8 thread.....

I think it'd be easier for future posts (even if it leads to some short threads in the dev versions) as it'd be clearer and cleaner. Of course, it isn't really a necessity, but it wouldn't be too hard to set up either. :)
(even I could do it!)

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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Wintermute »

I think that is a great idea. Only the most recent versions need to stickied. anyone opposed to such a move?
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Turuk »

Works for me, you could even apply it now without waiting for 1.6 to be released. Just make a list of 1.4 and 1.5, and just add links to the other threads as the versions get released.

Also, perhaps even give an initial outline on how to document the replay.

Player Name (Faction)
Player Name (Faction)

Map Name

Replay: File

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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by leocrotta »

Doc Paterson wrote:
With a new month comes a new nomination for the Poor Sportsmanship Award!

A lot of the same garbage from the other replays; losing and then telling his opponent that they are "nothing," that he "wasn't trying," and that he's "beaten a lot of experienced a**es." All ending in a disconnect, naturally.

It occurs to me that the server would be a much nicer place with this guy gone. :) He's more civil with names he's familiar with, but anyone wishing to see his true colors (if they aren't already aware) should log in anonymously, beat him, and watch the verbal garbage flow.

Same procedure as every year.

Background information:
There has been a pre-match that has neither been uploaded here nor on ladder-webspace.
Imho a rather solid, quick and acceptably played loy-p2-victory by Feanor on Freelands_v1.4 vs Knalgans.
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Doc Paterson »

Wow, watching that just brings it all back.

What a disgusting human being.

His high rating on the ladder is in my opinion a clear indicator of everything that's wrong with the ladder scoring system. A stupidly competitive guy who spams 400+ matches, wins maybe 1 in 4 times against good players, and is ranked at the very top because he spends every hour when he's not sleeping playing ladder games.

Somebody should put together a book of great c4rLOs quotes, compiled from replays and ladder-report commentaries. The stuff that he posted here:

http://ladder.subversiva.org/gamedetail ... %3A55%3A34

and here

http://ladder.subversiva.org/gamedetail ... %3A23%3A40

makes me want to vomit.

On him, preferably.
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Qes »

Me (Northerners) vs WildPenguin (Drakes)
version 1.5.12

He simply refused to die :(
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Re: 1v1 Replays! (THE ARCHIVE)

Post by Glowing Fish »

WTF Award:

I was experimenting with a Dark Adept heavy recruit, and thought my opponent was an inexperienced player. I quickly learned that was not the case, and had to go for different recruits.
I managed to make lots of gold, but it doesn't matter if I lose so many units.

vs. Creon, 43 turns on Weldyn Channel.
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