Those Lovely Mermaids.....

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Saurian Bibleist
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Post by Saurian Bibleist »

Come on people! There must be someone with some sort of opinion about mermaids!

Let's have it.
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Post by Ankka »

I like them and wonder why they weren't somehow added to the main mp era...
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Post by Cod »

I love them too. Wouldn't be so bad if Loyalists had them, would it? A little water magic, a little land magic.... 8)
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Doc Paterson
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Post by Doc Paterson »

I haven't forgotten about this Mermaid thing, and I really hope you all haven't either.

If the Loys had the Mermaid, I think I'd actually *pick* them every once in a while, instead of just grudgingly playing them when they come up on random.

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Post by MRhe »

I agree entirely. I think the fleshed-out Merman/Naga lines are fantastic, but they are limited to the somewhat boring sea/swamp/water-only battles in the High Seas Era. I think if there were a new Era in which the current factions who use mermen get the *full* Merman line and vice-versa for the factions that use the Naga, it would lead to fascinating land/sea struggles. As it is, it's more or less one of three versions:

1) Play the "High Seas Era" and have an entirely water-based affair.

2) Play normally and have water battles be a sideshow and/or a slugfest/economic affair of slugging it out with single melee unit types.

3) Play normally and have the merman/naga not even enter the picture.

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