Magic users tweaking

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Magic users tweaking

Post by Yomar »

The default era is pretty balanced, but there are a couple of units that can be slightly midified to improve balancing, in my humble opinion.
I explain one of the thing that contribuite to the games balancing factor, is that most basic units cant be killed by just an average unit, and that many times an normal unit has the chance of being killed by two average enemy units.
This brings me to the adept and the mage, (I dont include for example the elvish druid because its not meant to be used offensively), they are meant to be used offensively.
Now as for the adept I would suggest to increase the power of the secondary arcane attack, that is seldomly used, this would help against the Troll and more importantly against the Wose, because even during night they need 4 hits (100%) to kill a Troll and against a Wose not even that is enought, cause he would survive and then even regen.
Undeads dont have really a good counter to Woses, as said not even 2 Adepts cant kill one during night (and the Wose's cold resistance helps a bit too), skeleton warrior gets bad retaliation, Ghosts attacks are too weak, but Woses are weak to arkane, so increasing Adepts secondary attack by the right amount would help.
Then we have Mages, even if you protect them, often even if just one enemy reaches him, he's death (at least adepts can stand a bit more beatimg, and from the description they should be more frail) and there are many basic units, especially if they have the strong trait, that can kill a mage in one go some need the right trait some dont (Spearman, Drake Fighter, Skeleton fighter, Elvish and Dwarven fighters, Cavalry, Horseman, Naga, MermanWose and probably others.)
By contrast, you need 2 or more mages to kill any of these units.
They can even die from counter attacks like those from an dextrous Elvish archer or a normal Drake burner, on night they can be killed by just 1 Dark Adept, but one mage cant kill one during day If resilient, but 2 adepts can kill a mage during day even if resilient, or if not resilient by hitting him only 3 times on daytime.
The fact that a mage is so expensive, makes rhings only worser.
Now since in most cases the dammage inflicted to kill the mage is exactly 24hp (That's Mage basic hp), increasing his HP by just 1 life point would solve this.
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