Expanding Standard Era (for Isar)

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Expanding Standard Era (for Isar)

Post by Hellsing » September 22nd, 2018, 1:35 pm


since I am forced to sit on the fence for an entire week (buddh), I am starting a search for people willing to expand

the Standard Era in a way that makes sense, balance wise and stuff.

Their latest attempt (Dunefolk) was a total failure and the balance of Ageless is just the same. So we have to take

initiative to expand the Standard Era in a good way.

I modded it once but the official support was zero (obviously sticking in their bubble, as usual). So pm me or suggest here

for expansions from the classical setup. Be free, be creative, and I might include it.



ps: it is a fun project. Either it works or it doesnt. Main thing is creating something new and funny together.

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