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LA Dungeon Master

Post by LordAwsomeness » May 18th, 2018, 6:01 pm

Welcome to the LA Dungeon Master forum topic! Dungeon master is a multiplayer scenario where a set of heroes (generally set as 4 heroes, though not limited to that specific number) are pitted up against a dungeon master. With the 0.1.0 Beta release, the game boasts:
  • A moderately large linier exploration map
  • (almost) completed inventory system (melee and ranged weapons are completed; still working on armor and magic abilities as well as integrating weapon specials into the weapons)
  • A complete giving system: you may give weapons and items found throughout the scenario to your other hero companions
  • A complete pillaging system: you may rummage through the remains of your dead allies and take any items they had in their inventory; including any keys required to open doors throughout the scenarios.
  • A fully animated sprite system that changes your hero's animations and weapons held according to your choice of weapons! (pillaged from the 1.8 Wesband add-on)
Currently the game is in Beta, so there will be bugs as well as the game may be out of balance. The game is also lacking magical abilities as of this moment as well as armors. I am also planning to improve the current tutorial. It was written fairly quickly to be set as a placeholder until I am able to integrate a new system. I also plan to add a more in-depth set of choices for the hero creation; rather than making simple classes that do not have much impact besides adding one extra point into the path you are choosing. It will feature an in-depth selection system that will diversify the gameplay much more than the current system does.

If you are interested in this add-on, you may download it from the Wesnoth 1.14 add-ons server by looking up LordAwsomeness's Dungeon Master. This project is primarily a placeholder to help me develop a rich inventory system that I will carry over into my 'open-world' rpg once completed. This forum thread is meant to serve as a means for reporting any bugs you may uncover which would really help me in working through this project. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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