A Tech Tree Mod usable by AI players

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A Tech Tree Mod usable by AI players

Post by Hammerfritz » May 5th, 2018, 7:04 pm

Greetings, fellow Wesnothians!

I made a new modification called "Tech Tree Mod". It works by adding the unit type of units that just advanced to the recruit list, and allowing you to buy experience for units. Since AI cannot do that, it also includes the option to have specific players gather more killing experience, so AI players also get faster access to higher level recruits. The idea is to play this mod at high XP modifier and thus require the players to commit to some unit lines more than to others.
I briefly tested this mod without other mods and with my Proper Flying mod and Squad-Scale Units modpack enabled, and it should work regardless of era. As usual, feedback is most welcome, especially when it comes to bugs!


EDIT: Made a slight balancing change with 0.11.0
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Re: A Tech Tree Mod usable by AI players

Post by wkwalker333 » September 11th, 2018, 4:35 am

Will this mod cause some weapon abilities to be dropped?

Eagle"s 11 outlaw ranger does no get the split fire, EoMa's summoner's?Air god loses all-around as well as the EoMa Destroyers/Obliterater's all-around.


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