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Creep Wars addon

Post by vasya » December 6th, 2017, 12:07 pm

This is helper topic for Creep Wars addon.

Future plans:
* make CW work on any Map by it being a "modification" rather than "map rule".
* more weapon balancing (I dislike some parts of the current design)
* more built-in documentation/information (like "guard" abilities with small explanations, leader abilities which would tell what they already bought)
* decouple your gold&score from enemy gold&score. Simplify both. This is my personal idea that is a bit long to describe, so I better just do it.

Balancing guidelines:
* Leader should be in relative danger when fighting 3 creeps at once with no route to escape (except some units with ultra-high defense like elves)
* Leader should be in great danger (or dead) when facing 5+ creeps and no route to escape
* Obviously, Leaders should be stronger than creeps
* Leader should be able to defeat 2 units standing on good terrain without any real risk
* There should be as many challenges & choices as possible. Having multiple possible upgrade combinations is VERY good. Having many linear alternatives is good, too.
* Guards should be hard to kill initially. Once creep types reach their natural maximum, it should be doable though. Having a threat of an early attack with poison or lvl-up is good.

Things to consider:
* make HP depend on leveled-up unit HP, not initial HP.
* make HP linear to unit's HP (the current value is 14 + 50% initial)
* remove some weird Guard upgrade options (does anybody buy them at all???)

Historical note
Creep Wars [Dev] is built upon the old "Creep War" add-on. Current changes (diverge):
* more creep types. All units from Default era can appear as creeps.
* good built-in documentation.
* games can be re-loaded (finally!).
* adding support for more Eras (work in progress). Currently, some balancing is achieved by downgrading lvl2 leaders. Also, Era units can be used as creeps on wesnoth development version (1.13). Also, Creep Wars on wesnoth-1.13 do not ship their own Era at all, because they can be easily used with any other Era. Will have to wait till a wesnoth major release would be made though.
* internally, all new parts are written or re-written in Lua. Which, IMO, helps maintainability a lot.

* vn971 on (I often visit #wesnoth-dev)
* Bitcoin: 148AvMtozrKs3MzXCNMGNUTHLoqahw3fCo (Note I'm not the only author. I'm only responsible for the "Dev" addon.)
* vasya @ wesnoth :)

Have fun!

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