Graphics and Stats

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Graphics and Stats

Postby Yomar » October 5th, 2017, 8:04 pm

I was thinking the Lieutenant's resistances should be increased a bit.
I explain, it doesn't has to do so much with the game balancing, but with the graphical representation of the unit.
He is fully covered with plate mail, but has no resistances, so why not giving him some small resistances, like 10% to blade, pierce and impact, this would not have much of an impact to the game balance, in fact small damages would be same (look at the heavy infantry his 10% res. to impact don't helps against footpad's damage) and big ones will still hurt a lot (I mean a horseman charge will still be able to kill him.
But it will make sense if you look at the character portrait and at his in-game unit representation, otherwise why portraying him like that ?
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Re: Graphics and Stats

Postby Jozrael » October 5th, 2017, 10:30 pm

There are tons of well armored sprites that don't match up to the units resistances. In general, gameplay drives stats and theme drives aesthetics. They don't always match up perfectly.

Level 2 leaders are in the core multiplayer experience so it will be essentially impossible to get stats changed [especially when the 6mp/leadership Lieutenant is already considered among the best leaders in the game] for reasons of aesthetics.
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Re: Graphics and Stats

Postby The_Gnat » October 6th, 2017, 3:48 am

I definitely agree that it would be nice if stats were changed to match art work but i agree with Jozreal. Similarly dwarves which have seemingly little armor have high resistances because of gameplay.

Also good art is hard to get since this is an open source game all the images are drawn by volunteers. Even though the lieutenant probably shouldn't be depicted as heavily armored it can not be changed unless someone is interested in drawing a new sprite and animations of him (and his advancements) with leather armor instead.

Ultimately though i think it is worth making gameplay better even if the images don't quite match. :D
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Re: Graphics and Stats

Postby Yomar » October 8th, 2017, 12:26 pm

The_Gnat wrote:. Similarly dwarves which have seemingly little armor have high resistances because of gameplay.

Just a small note on this point, Dwarvre's resistances are not so much cause the armor but cause they'r race, those are intrinsic resistances, like the Woses one, the blade resistance that are offered by the scales of the Drakes, the undead's ones cause of bones and the spaces inbetween, or Human's resistance to arcane and so on.
Some armours weak out some natural weaknesses like the Drakes one to pierce (as quoted in the descriptions) avoiding pointy weapons to slip triugh their scales, and at higher lvs., they even get some resistances to them.
Some Dwarves also increase resistances thanks to better armours.
Elves usually don't get better resistances, not even at higher levels cause they wear little armor, but some humans yes cause the better armor.
And those units that get better armour are logically melee unit's.
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