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Default Plus Era

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I made an add-on called "Default Plus Era". The units available in it are all from mainline tree, no changes were made to them so its possible to play it with opponent who doesn't have add-on installed. Its basically default era with some changes:

1) it comes with two alternate leader sets (weak leaders and strong leaders). Those offer way better leader match than those in default era (for example: you won't get driud vs deathblade or ranger vs red mage). All weak leaders have 5MP while all strong leaders have 6MP. Random leader is always best match (fixed choice). Besides random leader each faction have 3 most suitable for list leader choices.

2) Knalga buff. Almost forever Knalga balance was subject of controversy. In this era they get two lvl1 units previously unavailable. Scout and thug both have 5MP. Maybe those additons will improve things a bit.

3) Rebels get mermaid. Its basically shooting fish variant that do little difference unless you play vs UD. As most 1vs1 maps have little water it makes little difference anyways.

All additions / changes give full coverage (recruit possibility) of faction's lvl1 units. Also if there were lvl2 units that can't be advanced from lvl1 tree they became leaders choices (excluding unsuitable like chocobone or whatever his name is).

Any feedback would be highly welcome.

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