I have a map that seems Drake-biased

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I have a map that seems Drake-biased

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Hello Wesnothians,

I am trying to learn Wesnoth map-making. I have created a map entitled the "Bicameral Swamp"--the idea being that it is a swamp-heavy environment (obviously); but also, there is the idea that there should be a lot of back-and-forth movement between the central river and the flanks.

I've only managed to do some minimal AI-testing so far: from what I can see, the map seems to be too easy for the Drake faction to play, particularly when fighting against Knalgans. This is, from what I can see, down to the combination of water and swamp, and although there are a fair number of mountains, hills and forests, it also seems difficult for a Knalgan player to actually get them. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to reduce the swamp hexes slightly, and replace them with hills and possibly mountains in the worst-affected areas. I'm also thinking that the hill and mountain areas should be a bit more spread out, otherwise Knalgans simply can't maneouvre.

Do you think this is a good idea? Are there other issues that catch your attention?

Thanks for helping a newbie cartographer.
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Re: I have a map that seems Drake-biased

Post by Velensk »

Not a bad first attempt. Some general points:

-It makes it much easier to help you if you post a picture of the map on the forums and spare those who would help you the hassle of needing to download it and boot up wesnoth to look at it.
-It is critical to map balance that you balance the economic oppertunities of each team. It is therefore nearly impossible to make a balanced map where there are an odd number of villages.
-First player advantage can apply to second player if you make the map like it. On this map, p2 will always be able to reach the central castle before her opponent (also the 11 hex movement distance gives 6mp leaders a strong advantage over 5 mp leaders for any kind of rush play). From that castle p2 will have a significantly easier time defending her villages than p1 due to quicker reinforce/easier leader involvement.
-AI testing tells you practically nothing about human vs human balance. It's hard to truly balance maps without being pretty good at multiplayer and having other skilled opponents to test with.

People tend to be very worried about balancing factions against each other but when your map doesn't even let you balance a mirror match you have bigger problems to worry about.

You are correct that there is a lot of drake friendly terrain here. Anytime there are walls of terrain that slow most factions but drakes can fly over them that is an advantage for drake, especially water terrain types where other factions are very slow and have low defense (and swamps are a saurian haven). That said, fix the side vs side situation first and then worry about inter-faction balance. A swampy type terrain that will prove invaluable is the mushroom groves as they slow drakes.
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