Need help with getting ideas a reality

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Need help with getting ideas a reality

Post by Eagle_11 »

I had submitted a 'map-pack' then realized that not only i didnt do it properly but there wasnt any interesting change.

Thus i got some ideas and well, i need help in getting those ideas a reality. Help as in being pointed in the right direction may useful! :p

1. Co-leader system
I want to spawn a unit at an pre-defined hex at gamestart. The type of this unit is supposed being tied to owning players side and leader choice at begin. I want this to be an one level lower of whatever unit player has choosen as leader. As a begin: its supposed to work with default era and factions, later i want to add aoh support. Fe. player is northerner and has picked Orcish Warrior, the secondary recruiter unit spawned will be Orcish Grunt, since thats the leader's precursor type.
How do i define the position then assign the unit type to be spawned to players leader choice and then how do i set that unit to be recruiter too ? Maybe since the maps i want to use this in are 4p max. can i use 'fake sides' that 'surrender' to player at begin transfering ownership of their leader to player, that got 'demoted' to 'silver crown' as they do so ? Even then, ill need pointed in the right direction. :p
At one of the 1v1 maps i want to use this idea on(Cynsaun ALT) i want to give the player different location options(at one of the so called 'forward encampments', what i imagined in form of a dialog prompt asking player where to place his co-leader) to spawn this co-leader/vassal/secondar recruiter/whateveryoucallit.

2. Flood cycle
At one of the 1v1 maps(Fertile Delta) i want an part of the map to periodically covered in water. Whilst flooded the tiles with dark dirt are supposed to become shallow water,present shallowses deep and fords shallow. This stands for amount of turns i will define then returns to normal.

3. Terrain tile with other's graphic or atrrib
I did an all snow map then realized its handled differently in terms of movement cost,defense provided etc. So i want to place them as plain tile but will look as snow in that map(or place as snow works as plain whichever functions)

4. Reinforcements via ship
At one of the map(Southern Archipelago) there is supposed to be an capturable object(lighthouse that will add a secondary objective(hold it for x amount of turns) upon capture for captor. Ill probably need to use a village(so its capturable), then change that one to 0 income, its graphic, define different reinforcement unit group per side and port the macro for illumination at night found at one of the levels in rise of wesnoth. Except last one,how to ?

5. Regeneration for leader at keep
At some of the tiny maps i want the leader to regenerate as if a troll whilst standing in its beginning Castle's Keep tile.

6. Villages with depleting income
I want a village to give income for 5 turns after capturing it after that it only functions as healing station anymore. Obviously game needs to detect if it has run dry so enemy cant use it after capturing either and how many turns left till it runs dry to stop if gets uncapped by holding player's death.

7. 'Dynamic' Lighting in underground
The map will use underground schedule however where beam of light shines will depend on which turn its. At each turn number corresponding to morning east, afternoon west, midday center will be illuminated(with the assumption it always starts at dawn). The tiles getting illuminated will not be in a block(except center even then ill need).

8. Altars and quests.
Basically i want to place an interactable object called Altar. Whenever any leader visits it he is offered a random turn timed quest(side or bonus objective) by an dialog. When its fullfilled grants a powerful reward. I have to make sure the random quest doesnt randomize by each visit after being offered and denied, its offered once then stays. The players are supposed to have only 1 quest at a time. i have to make sure multiple players can get same quest only for themselves each and the randomization produces a diff. for each altar at game start. Upon un- or sucesfull quest completion the altar is supposed to enter a 'cooldown' before entering another quest.

9. Marketplace
Brings up a resource trade window where you can send some gold to your team-mates with a fee as in set % of sent amount is lost due to trade tax etc.
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