WC - what are your favourite items?

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WC - what are your favourite items?

Post by ezysquire »

After some debate over what the best items in WC_NM are - we decided to put it out for a general vote!
There are some items we all start getting excited about and begin plotting ways to "trade" for the bonuses revealed on the map, then there are others that well, they may as well just get left on the battlefield.

Show us what your favourites are by copying the list and then re-ordering and adjusting the gradings on a reply below.
Using a scale of 1-5 (1 being 'awesome' and 5 being 'meh') we will get our top five tiers.
To get the tiers sort of even, there are 31 items so let's have seven items in tier one and then six for each of the others.

*You'll notice four items not in default WC_NM. These are in the modded version I've been working on, soon available for all!

Here's my ranking:
  • Stormbringer - Berserk - 1
    War Banner - Leadership - 1
    Rune Hammer - Magic melee - 1
    Blood Ring - Drain - 1
    Ghoul's Blood - Feeding -1
    Tome of Secrets - XP discount - 1
    Grimoire of Truth - XP discount - 1

    Medicinal Herbs - Heals + Cure - 2
    Phase Orb - Teleport -2
    Adamant Armour - Steadfast, physical resists boost - 2
    Winged Staff - Flying - 2
    Ring of Frostbite - Cold melee, melee slow - 2
    Ring of Stealth - Nightstalk, extra movement - 2

    Vial of Poison - Poison for blade/pierce attacks - 3
    Holy Water - Arcane melee, damage and arcane resist boost - 3
    Heart of Fire - Fire melee, damage and fire resist boost -3
    Eagle Eye Bow - Ranged marksman, damage boost - 3
    Bow of Haste - Ranged firststrike, +25% damage - 3
    Weapon Refinement - Melee firststrike, +25% damage - 3

    Trollsblood Potion - Regenerate - 4
    Net - Gives slow to range attack - 4
    Trident of Storms - Ranged magical fire - 4
    Staff of Radiance - Ranged magical arcane - 4
    Winter's Bloom - Bonus hp, snow movement - 4
    Hawk's Talon - Charge - 4

    Zephyr Cloak - Ambush and Skirmish - 5
    Forbidden Tome - Plague - 5
    Azure Pearl - Water movement, submerge - 5
    Assassin's Ring - Backstab - 5
    Weathered Ring - +30% elemental resists - 5
    Sacred Symbol of Light - Illuminates - 5
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Re: WC - what are your favourite items?

Post by SatHyre »

here is mine
War Banner, Rune Hammer, Medicinal Herbs, Trident of Storms, Staff of Radiance

Winged Staff, Tome of Secrets, Grimoire of Truth, Ring of Frostbite, Eagle Eye Bow, Holy Water, Winter's Bloom, Adamant Armour, Ring of Frostbite, Trollsblood Potion (usually, i give it to an healer).

for the others, rarely pick them.
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Re: WC - what are your favourite items?

Post by Rigor »

what about you put this list in an easily accessible document that everybody can fill up until you say you are done? i think google used to have such. otherwise i see you copy/typing lots of stuff that you should want to avoid. not sure u can even paste like this.
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