Wesnoth Springs - The Great War

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Wesnoth Springs - The Great War

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Note: You NEED the 1.11-Beta-Version to try or you take the Map-Editor before and replac Fields with CampFire (spreaded over whole Map) and TropicalForest (few south-east).
I created a large Wesnoth-Map for up to 9P. I please for taking a Look at and give some FeedBack. I don't say its anyway balanced nor can I guarantee that it will make Fun for sure but for sure the Map looks nice, have some (few) Specials and fore sure its Dimension is something new. I can't test the Map self with many Players. I would like to get FeedBack from 6P or more Players which play it. I expect that I have to fix severarl Things.

This Map require a significant different Way to play as the Area is LARGE and it takes even with Horses etc alot Turns to change over the Map and therefore you have to plan more for future Needs as you are surely used to.

Node: I work on a Era(Modification) for this Map which is still not Part of the Map-Archive.

My less euphoric Advice: take a look and drop or try. It's for sure different.

*edit* Version set to actual developer-release
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Map Wesnoth Springs - The great War [200x120],Player=9
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