Vision changes in 1.11

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Re: Vision changes in 1.11

Post by MetalKing » May 17th, 2012, 3:37 pm

SlowThinker wrote:
fabi wrote: They stay covered by fog, thus you can guess were the enemy is using a jamming unit.
Remember, jamming can only work if fog is enabled, it's not able to produce fog in scenarios (or better for sides) where fog is disabled.
I see some problems:
You should add a warning like "new jammed hex sighted!", and a hotkey that will show all hexes with fog created by jamming.
But still it will let a large field for micromanagement: a player will usually be able to determine the exact jammer's position by moving units on the edge where the jamming takes effect, and studying positions of jammed hexes.

I think that literal Warning is just a WorkAround to tell any specific Area is jammed as long as the Player CAN'T SEE that that Area is jammed. Jamming is surely not the same like Stealth.

Let's assume there is any Mage who creates a large Hologram to cover the Units around him from Sight but the Area looks same but without visible Units. Then it's nonesense to tell the Player about hidden Units if he can't detect that resp. it would break the Idea of hide the Units if the Player else get told there are hidden Units. E.g. there is a Wose hidden in the Forest I can't see. I move a Unit into SightRange and there comes up a Message that there is a hidden Wose. That doesn't occour and would break the Idea of Hiding.

For Jamming we expect that we can see that we can't see what there is but for Hologram/Illusions we wouldn't easily find that out. The suggested Text-Box seems to reasonable for Jamming but not for Cloak/Stealt/Illusion.

What we really Need is an visual Effect specific to the Technology that effect the Invisibility/Stealth/Cloak/Illusion resp. we need any simple reasonable generic Approach to handle that and that is IMO that there is no Effect, no Warning and just Surprise if Units appear close to my Line due to they were cloaked. The Text-Box is a special Solution for a special Case I think we should cover with a generic Solution.

In GIMP exist a Functions to blurry an Image. If we can use Filters like that to blurry In-Game arbitrary Area I think we should make the Unit invisible to eleminate its "Noise" and blurry the empty Area to indicate that there is any Kind of Jam, the Tiles matches from Color-Theme as well as before and no Tile can show blurried Signatures e.g. like you see by Color and Spot-Size that there should be a jammed elvish Shaman or something like that.

If we can generate that Blurry OverLay with and with out the Units we can introduce a two-level-Discovering of Units: First we show blurry empty Fields for Jam. Next is jammed Field with jammed Unit and finally clear the discovered Unit. Any Kind of Halo could nevertheless indicate any Influence from Jamming even it doesn't success due the Unit was discovered by a close Unit.
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Re: Vision changes in 1.11

Post by Kharn » December 30th, 2014, 4:49 pm

Fabi, can Jamming be set to a negative number to make units easier to spot?

For example a Giant Flying Dragon with jamming=-3 would be visible 3 hexes outside the normal enemy view distance.

In my WWII mod, I would think an infantry cant see very far into a forest, but should be able to see a plane flying over said forest.
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