[Announcement] No RND Mod

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Re: [Announcement] No RND Mod

Post by Yogibear »

First of all: Many thanks to leonid for providing this mode :) . I am glad to see that this forum is still used despite me being absent for quite some time :? .

Just two quick notes:

A couple of times it was called for more or even complete determinism. This should be achievable with the current WesnothXP version using sauron's RNG mode, as you can define there which percentage of the damage should be random and which deterministic.

There is an easy solution to use poison with these mods and at the same time keep the balance perfectly fine, which is also used by sauron's mode: For each strike, use two separate RNG-numbers: One for the damage and one for determining hit/miss. The second one is used to determine if poison is applied or not.

I will try to find time to have a look at leonid's mod to see if it can be incorporated into wesnothXP easily. I am still short on time though, so i can't give you any guarantees.
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Re: [Announcement] No RND Mod

Post by leonid »

Thank you for your post and your ideas. We can work together on WesnothXP to incorporate this mod.

In the mean time, let me announce that I added 2 new versions of this mod for Wesnoth development versions 1.9.11 and 1.9.12.
They can be found on sourceforge project of this mod. (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wesnoth-no-rnd/)

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Re: [Announcement] No RND Mod

Post by leonid »

Hello everybody,

Let me announce the new version of No RND Mod for Wesnoth 1.10!
So now you can play new version of Wesnoth with No RND Mod!
(if you are ready to compile Wesnoth from the source)
Check the project page on sourceforge.net:

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Re: [Announcement] No RND Mod

Post by Astragoth »

Hello Leonid! I just want to tell you that your mod seem very interresting, as it seem to address the most obvious thing that come to mind as a new wesnoth player, the rng factor is imo abit too high and one could argue that it create unnecessary long ''turtle game'' waiting a luckier turn to indeed turn the game in your favor. Not that its THAT bad but still. Loving the game so far but could be improved.

Unfortunatly as I understand it there is no easy to install windows/Mac version of this mod right? If so its a shame since I think there would probably be more poeple trying it. I have no clue how to compile stuffs and reading about it seem abit overwhelming at first...

If im wrong then im sorry for my noobiness! 8)
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Re: [Announcement] No RND Mod

Post by Crow_T »

I just built 1.10.6 using this patch with no issues, and it seems to be working just fine. It's pretty cool, I really like the fact that it rounds either up or down depending, that's a nice touch. I will try going through a short campaign with it ^_^
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