Royal Death 0.3.3

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Royal Death 0.3.3

Post by Luther »

I've created my first MP scenario. It's been on the 1.8 add-on server for a while, but I haven't announced it until now (except in my sig). It's 9-player, and the description is as follows:

"A free-for-all with minimal gold, making it a death match among leaders. It also has 3 special rules:

1. Every side turn, a random hex will be changed into a wall.
2. If a unit's hex changes to a wall, and you leave it there at the end of your turn, it will die.
3. If one day passes without any unit dying, the game is over."

The rules are inspired by the novel Battle Royale by Takami Koushun. Since this is my first MP scenario, I would really appreciate any feedback on map design, especially with regard to faction balance.

Have fun!
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