The Altaz Mariners (2p non-linear pirate campaign)

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Re: The Altaz Mariners (2p non-linear pirate campaign)

Post by Bob_The_Mighty »

TheInfernoDrake wrote:
October 11th, 2019, 3:51 am
Help! I am über stuck with how to get to the first layer of the ice temple, like I saw the hydra and stuff, but I have just been bouncing between islands for like 400 turns.
I'm assuming you're stuck on the riddle at the ice temple, if so...
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Re: The Altaz Mariners (2p non-linear pirate campaign)

Post by TheInfernoDrake »

Thanks Bob_The_Mighty!

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Re: The Altaz Mariners (2p non-linear pirate campaign)

Post by TheBlackDemicannon »

Uhm... I'm stuck with Polupa. I have already talked with the elves in the south, got captured by the Royals and went to Avalon again where the Elves decided to attack the Royals. When I used the Ice orb to get through the storm barrier, the little gap in the clouds also showed an isle called ''Polupa''.[ ... nknown.png] I had thought I needed the Polupa Treasure Map for it (I walked through the entire world north the storm to find such a tree first, but it was no good), but here it lay before me. So I entered it and then that happened: ... nknown.png
I thought I'd found the tree with the double notch! But when I walked two steps north, nothing happened. I'll try some of the other islands, but I also want to find out about Polupa. I've literally tried everything, but I didn't find anything.
When I tried to raid the tomb on that other isle, Hugo just said the skull was missing. Nothing else. I have no idea where that skull could be.
And where's Darcus' ankh?

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