Who is playing on dev server?

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Re: Who is playing on dev server?

Post by Velensk »

I'm not fond of the footpad nerf though I agree something was needed for the undead-knalgan match-up. Currently I'd press for skeleton prince -1 and footpad ranged attack to return to 5-2 (melee attack should stay at 4-2).

I'm not playing on the dev server anymore however due to a bug that makes the game crash that was introduced in 1.9.6 and persists into 1.9.7.
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Re: Who is playing on dev server?

Post by UngeheuerLich »

Too sad. :(

I hope the bug is found soon and we can try another game.

The foodpad with lower melee than ranged attack sounds interesting. I am still of the opinion, that some mobility enhancement for undead would help even more. (Maybe riding and swimming or flying corpses available for buing could help greatly...)
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