Will the footpad be nerfed in 1.10?

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Re: Will the footpad be nerfed in 1.10?

Post by Kolbur »

That would mean a much bigger nerf vs skeletons and ghouls though. The discussion is pointless now anyway since the change is already in and 1.9 is in feature freeze, that means there won't be any unit changes for the upcoming 1.10.

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Re: Will the footpad be nerfed in 1.10?

Post by Rya »

Dan-the-Terrible wrote:If the intent is to weaken the footpad vs undead, but not other factions, wouldn't it make more sense to change the footpad's damage type rather than amount? The impact damage is far less important against other factions than it is against undead. I would suggest keeping the ranged attack at 5-2 impact but changing the melee to 5-2 blade. For flavor purposes we could say the footpad is armed with a dagger instead of a club.
But the faction needs a unit with blunt damage.
The developer says "no".

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Re: Will the footpad be nerfed in 1.10?

Post by Caphriel »

Although this is no way is intended to support changing the footpad's melee to blade... Rya, did you forget the dwarf fighter's hammer?

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