Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

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Re: Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

Post by gabba » November 6th, 2011, 2:37 am

Sorry that you miss waypoints, but since the functionality is so similar to the whiteboard's, having both would just be feature creep (also, it was a keyboard-only feature which is against wesnoth's design philosophy, everything should be doable with the mouse). Rather, I'll focus on getting the good interaction experience you had with waypoints into the whiteboard.

It seems to me that if:
1. by default (or by holding a key) you could define several planned moves in a row without having to re-click on the unit, and
2. planned moves auto-executed when using the end turn button,
you'd pretty much get the experience you want, isn't it?

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Re: Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

Post by beetlenaut » November 6th, 2011, 9:51 am

That sounds like it would be about the same. The feature freeze is tomorrow though (or today?), so I suppose this won't be in 1.10.
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Re: Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

Post by Scatha » November 26th, 2011, 6:00 pm

Testing a 2v2 on 1.9.11 (me on Windows 7), we discovered some more bugs:

- Some players found that moves they planned not on their turn didn't work properly -- they weren't seen by their allies, and they couldn't execute them when it got to their turn; they needed to reenter them. Initially we thought this was because they'd turned planning mode off and then back on, but in a subsequent game where this never happened, the bug was still present.

- I was able sometimes to plan attack moves for other players, during their turns. If it was an opponent, I could plan attacks, but only against units which were opposed to me, not to them (so I could get blue to attack its own units). This also sometimes but not always made my game crash (I think it might be when the attack also involved a move, but I'm not certain). My ally couldn't cancel the moves I'd planned (although I could); I'm not certain whether either of us could execute them. When I planned an attack against an adjacent unit (of the same side) for an opponent, I crashed shortly afterwards (but not immediately), and my ally also crashed.

- My ally once reported seeing my footpad as a gryphon in planning mode. Sorry, very little to go on here!

Anyhow, sorry not to have more information on these at present, but I thought it was best to post what info I had. I'll report if I discover anything else.

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Re: Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

Post by gabba » November 27th, 2011, 2:32 pm

Thanks for the testing and the reports, I'll try to reproduce those bugs. I had to break several things in the whiteboard for 1.9.11 in order to fix more severe and fundamental crash bugs, so you're probably experimenting side-effects of that.

I'd like to participate in a 2v2 with you guys once 1.9.12 hits, since I'm rarely able to test on that scale by myself or with the devs on IRC.

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Re: Planning system/Whiteboard feedback

Post by gabba » December 7th, 2011, 9:33 pm

1.9.12 just hit with many whiteboard bugfixes and improvements, that are listed in the release notes. By now there should be no critical (i.e. crash) bugs left, report those ASAP if you find any. Unfortunately some more critical issues remain in multiplayer, I'll be updating the list of know issues here:

Besides the obviously needed UI improvements which are gonna take quite a bit of work on my part, what we need now is testing of the whiteboard in real multiplayer games. But for your reports to be useful, you should run the game with full logging enabled:

  • Hold shift and right-click on your Wesnoth directory, pick Open Command Line Here
  • Type "wesnoth --log-debug=all" without the quotes and press enter
  • If you experience a problem, upload the stderr.txt file this created in your Wesnoth directory along with your bug report
  • Launch wesnoth by typing "wesnoth --log-debug=all 2> wesnothlog.txt" without the quotes into a terminal and pressing enter
  • This will create a wesnothlog.txt file in the directory you were in where you launched the game, so typically your home folder if you had just opened the terminal
  • If you experience a problem, upload the wesnothlog.txt file along with your bug report
In addition, you can also run the game under debugger and provide me with a stack trace in case of a crash. I won't explain how to do this here, if you report a severe bug I can't reproduce I may walk you through it.

Bug reports are easier for me to track if you do them here: (Assign to gabba)
But they're appreciated even if you do them in this thread.

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