More mainlined small maps

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Re: More mainlined small maps

Post by randomdragoon » March 13th, 2009, 6:17 am

Yogibear wrote:
Derekkk wrote:I guess the developers have the final say in all issues, but I would also believe that they would like more people to enjoy wesnoth too.
Yes on both :) .

Actually, i think we are indeed sort of ambiguous about the mainline multiplayer maps. We do have a certain standard of balance and uniqueness we want to keep. And like for example looking at portraits it is a very high standard.

Isar's cross and the rumble map don't meet that standard. Now we simply need to make a decision: Do we want to keep the standard or not?

I do not agree, that if we include some fun but imbalanced maps, multiplayer would suddenly turn into a bunch of crap. After all, users can still decide by themselves what map they want to play and the balanced maps don't mysteriously vanish all of a sudden, just because there is some more imbalanced ones.

However, what counts for many people is the first impression. The art guys (and girls, sorry kitty :wink: ) have decided that they want to make that impression as good as possible. Which is a wise choice in my opinion. For multiplayer, the situation is more complicated, because people have a lot of different expectations. Some only enjoy small maps as being fun, others regard balance as more important.
If we stick with the high standard (and Noy's statement implies that for me) and we define balance as the main criteria for that standard, then i suggest we should be consequent and remove isar's and rumble from mainline.
Instead we should provide an add-on (maybe "mp fun pack" or something :) ), that contains such stuff and is referenced accordingly, for example with a forum sticky or a mention in the server greeting message.
... but at the skill levels where a player is getting their first impression, do they even have enough skill to detect imbalances? Or would they rather just see a fun map, realize it's unbalanced later, and then see all those other maps.

Please keep Isar's, though. I want to be able to play Wesnoth off only 30-45 minutes of free time.

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Re: More mainlined small maps

Post by TL » March 13th, 2009, 7:01 am

Do they have enough skill to detect imbalances? Probably not--but that doesn't stop them from perceiving imbalances. It's unclear whether smaller maps are more prone to generating newbie misconceptions or not, but I would certainly suspect they are; games getting decided quicker and more easily means less time for the back-and-forth action that might mitigate a perception of imbalance.

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