MP coop campaign: World Conquest

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Re: MP coop campaign: World Conquest

Post by tekelili »

Kente wrote:
tekelili wrote:Edit: Training last forever in WC II, you dont lose their benefict on new recruits in next maps.
mmm, even for the training that spawn by the map-point bonus? i was sure, you lose that, but maybe i remember wrong or it was a little bug

edit: i have just tryed WC2 in 1.10 and 1.12. In 1.10 if i select Default Era, when i start it appears a message which said me the game will change the setting giving me a random faction (which it does). In 1.12 i'm not allowed at all to start a game with Default Era, but only with WC2 era
Yea, even for trainings found in points they last forever. Other eras are only allowed in 1.12 version (I abandoned 1.10 version maintenance and has different code for era, sry). For use Default era in 1.12 version, you need edit a file first, as I explained in last post.
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Re: MP coop campaign: World Conquest

Post by Kente »

yes, i checked again and i have changed the wrong line :oops: it works perfect now

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Re: MP coop campaign: World Conquest

Post by Eagle_11 »

My savefile became Nightmare difficulty on its own, ive had open the game on normal. How did that happen ?

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