Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by Kipples » December 1st, 2017, 1:39 am

I disagree that GE is lacking an AI thus resulting in lack of pick up from newer players, the tutorial does a good job of introducing the mechanisms involved. The real issue is after the tutorial you are thrown into a map like Beta where you now have a lot of decisions to make and it takes 2 hours to realise you screwed up the early game so hard it was over in the first 20 minutes. GE needs the isar equivalent, a super small quick to play map that has reduced decision making early on and has you interacting with your opponent(s) within the first couple of turns. This would give new players a fast feedback loop to learn the strategy of GE quickly.

The big issue I have with GE and why I don't really enjoy playing that much anymore is that it is very unbalanced with regards to choice in strategy. In its current state you don't really have much choice as far as overall strategy goes. Economy (food,gold,research) is just too strong there are no threats to it at all. You are basically forced to play this single player min-max economy puzzle for hours until you hit a certain point and then you go and spam ships at your opponent and you find out who was better at the economy puzzle. You are discouraged from doing anything other than this, if you spend gold on ships, your opponent just defensively and reactionary spends gold on ships so that neither has superior numbers and then continues the puzzle and you are punished because you spent a turn buying ships and not increasing your economy. Invasions don't stop this either as it is much the same story you can see the entire map very quickly so you know where transport ships are so can react and respond.

I think the proposed changes to invasions may help with this but its still not enough, I think that having an enemy ship in orbit around a planet should weaken that planets economy somehow. This would encourage splitting up your ships and try and sneak them around adding to a more dynamic play rather than the ball of ships surrounding the flagship style that we see now. It would also go a long way to detering the economic puzzle problem giving meaningful player interactions.

I would welcome a change to how science is done anything that makes the tech tree easier/clearer to reason about would be nice. Due to the economy puzzle problem you really don't have much choice in research anyway not getting the economy boosting research early is a losing move right now, new players not knowing this results in the 2 hour game where you find out you lost in the first 3 turns issue.

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Re: Galactic Empires (MP Sci-fi Scenario)

Post by ElderofCheese » December 1st, 2017, 4:23 am

I think I should post my replay vs CP.

Btw to conclude whether the economy rush is the only valid style would require more games and on smaller maps, bigger maps I think favor the style greatly.
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