New scenario/mod: Imperium

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New scenario/mod: Imperium

Post by TL »

I just released the first version of a new scenario I've been working on, working title Imperium. Imperium is, in short, something like a cross between Worldwar and The High Seas: players can have up to 6 individual army group units which roam a world map independently, fighting each other and raiding enemy-controlled buildings in fights that take place on seperate submaps. It's not completely polished at this point but it's fully playable and seems at present to be free of major bugs. Expect it to be a longish game even with less than 6 players, although turn times don't seem to be too bad (by the time people start accumulating huge armies and things start to slow down, they're capable of smashing their way to victory relatively quickly, so it balances out somewhat).
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Re: New scenario/mod: Imperium

Post by TheArchitect »

sounds cool. I havn't played Worldwar, but you can't go wrong with something like the high seas :wink: . I can't wait to play.
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