Problem, Bats right now are too good.

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Post by Weeksy »

It's the fact that a level 0, and a scout at that (not a melee unit, a scout) can kill an ulf.
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Post by BMintern »

I have not seen this to be a problem in play. Especially with bats having 40% on most villages, it is highly likely for an ulf to kill a bat sitting on a village, which seems to me to be a legitimate use. Additionally, I was watching some of Weeksy's tests of bat vs. ulf... he was doing day/night, good/bad terrain, different trait combinations... everything. The following formula:

(ulf deaths) / (bat deaths) * (ulf cost)

came out to some number over 13.1 G. To me, this indicates that the balance is just about perfect, since that is just barely more than the cost of a bat.
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Post by joshudson »

Ok, maybe it is fixed. We'll know for sure in a month or two.

Remember, adding firststrike to clasher probably (please don't reopen debate) fixed the Drake vs Loyalist problem, but it took two months to find out.
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joshudson wrote:but it took two months to find out.
It did?
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