Bob's RPG Era (now with achievements!)

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Re: Bob's RPG Era

Post by yamcha » June 8th, 2018, 11:44 am

I'm still sad this isn't in 1.14 :(

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Re: Bob's RPG Era

Post by Bob_The_Mighty » July 4th, 2018, 3:11 am

Bob's RPG Era is now available on the add-ons server for Wesnoth 1.14!

You'll also find four of my RPG scenarios: Fall of Trent, Labyrinth of Champions, Into the Underworld and The Kraken. Not much has changed in the scenarios, but the era has had a big update since the last version.

You can see the full list of changes here...
However, the two main changes in 1.7 are achievements and custom options.

- Your character can unlock achievements in the game if they perform particular feats. You can earn character points by unlocking the achievements before other players. These range from 'Artful Dodger' (dodge every strike from three attackers in a row) to 'Collector Maniac' (pick up 20 items from the ground). See the screenshot below for full details. The achievements are accessible in-game through the Character Sheet.

I'm not usually a fan of achievements in games, but I thought it would be fun to have another way of earning character points.

- The era is now modular so players can decide which features they want to use. If you click on 'custom options' in the game set-up screen you can can tick or untick boxes to enable/disable various features like stances, critical hits, defects and achievements. You can also enable 'Competitive Mode' which is intended for play on standard maps or survivals. See the screenshot for a better idea of where to find these options.

I imagine many players might miss this tab entirely. Others might find it useful, especially if they still have beef with the defects.

There has also been numerous fixes, buffs and tweaks. Some bugs I encountered in 1.13 seem to have vanished, but I wouldn't be surprised if 1.14 has snuck a couple more in. Please let me know if come across anything weird.

I've noticed playing on 1.14 that units seem very jerky during their movement animation when they reveal shroud. Obviously the RPG maps have lots of it. I'm not sure if it's my slowish computer that's producing the effect, or just the latest Wesnoth build. I'd be interested to know if others notice it too.

I've also been experiencing a bit of a lag at the start of turns, despite having streamlined much of the code. It can be alleviated by using the 'nosaves' command, but take care to make manual saves - or maybe just think of it as Ironman mode.

Happy adventuring!
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Re: Bob's RPG Era (now with achievements!)

Post by Computer_Player » July 8th, 2018, 2:01 am

Yes yes yes! Finally anther one of my favorite add-ons has been added to 1.14.

With some very welcome improvements too! I like that Herbalism has been buffed, and Conjure has been nerfed. I very much look forward to playing full RPG games (and Competetive! XD)

So reports:
1. Smite can be fully recharged and malus TOD removed by changing stances back to normal stance.


- The notifications for actions (i.e. item giving, finding) disappears too fast, a few more delay perhaps?
- Inventory items have indications on which class can use them
- Rider and Tamer class be combined to make them useful (give rider to other factions too?), allows option to ride some tamed animals
- Trapper be buffed by having Area of Effect traps / triggers. Would also make it more unique as a class
- Weaponscraft allow for inventory crafting of wearable items? Or pehaps have that as a different class.
- Conjured / Tamed creatures transfer 50% xp to their master?

Thanks once again Bob :)

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Re: Bob's RPG Era (now with achievements!)

Post by yamcha » July 8th, 2018, 10:19 am

YES! It's finally here! Thanks Bob!

And yes, I've also noticed the laggy unit movement animation too. I'm sure it isn't my PC because it's more than powerful enough.
Turning off minimap features fixed it for me.

The Fall of Trent doesn't have an intro, it just jumps immediately to the game. Is that intended? I vaguely remember it having some story dialogue at the beginning.

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