Drake too weak vs. Undead?

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Zlodzei wrote:
Soliton wrote: Nevermind apparently I'm unable to decipher your meaning. I was refering to the bruteforce attack Gallifax made at turn 9 which made the whole game pointless as any evidence to the balance between Drakes and Undead. If you actually analyze that game a bit that should be quite obvious.

(Not meaning to discredit Gallifax btw, I know he is a good player.)
2Soliton: Don't u think that by the time of Gallifax's suicide the game was almost solved, as soon as the day was over, undead got much extra-money and concentrated ENOUGH forces for, at least, repeating stealing of 4 villages. And against 5 adepts 2 archers and 4 ghosts (ok, 1 of them was quite far from battle) Galli needed to retreat too far from castle.

So, it's quite obvious that saying "bruteforce attack" RL meant undead 1st night pressure. In spite nobody was killed during it, 4 villages were lost and drakes retreated too far for effective counterattack.
Is it as obvious as me saying that I misunderstood him?
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Roman Loyalist wrote: indeed. I see how these best players die in this mutchup :lol:
if anybody want to prove me reverse , welcome to lobby :) (but last time i'am not often guest there. too busy :( )
Then I shall meet you on the field of glory, where I shall... suck spectacularly... and die in fewer turns than should technically be possible given Wesnoth's game mechanics.

Roman Loyalist wrote:ps: i hope my english not too bad for understanding. :oops:
It's not as bad as my Russian would be. :oops:
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brute force attacks tend to be easily avoided by fast units... with fast units you can usually sacrifice your village and take enemy villages... undead players should know this, they have a unit which is only for village grabbing.

Or you surround and wait for the dawn to grab xp and some kills for the lost money, with a bit luck it pays off later in the game, when you manage to level up.
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