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Post by Tomsik »

Ideas forum is exploding with ideas, but here it's cold and silent.. :|

Right now you can connect to server, ask bot to say or do (/me) something, tell as boucman proposed and use it as console client(exept on win).

P.S.: Iif somebody wants just a console client, i can release it as speparate thing.

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Post by FleshPeeler »

I think it would be cool to have a bot that organizes tournaments. Specify a map, number of players, and what players are entering, and then let the bot go to work.

The bot could randomize the players so there is no chance of bias in arranging games, create the room, whisper the people who it has chosen to play next, auto-kick anyone who is not supposed to be playing that game (turn this off once the game starts so that spectators can get in later).

This might be beyond what you want to use yours for . . . I suppose you could just have it keep track of names and whisper the players, then allow someone from a select list of tournament moderators report the results of the battle to the bot so that it eliminates the loser, advances the winner, and whispers the next people involved.

Another use could be a "report user" function. Though I haven't experienced this yet, I've read in some forums here that hackers are starting to get in and mess up the game. The bot could accept reports and track the user (based on IP, not name), and if that user is reported by so many different people it suspends their IP for a time, with denial-of-access times increasing each time that limit is reached. Say, two days for the first, 4 for second, a week for third, a month for fourth, etc.
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Post by joshudson »

I think I would love the console client.
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