Armory Mod - Sp/Mp mod for 1.13

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Armory Mod - Sp/Mp mod for 1.13

Postby Samonella » August 12th, 2017, 11:17 pm

Arm your swordsman with a javelin, or capture an enemy's battle-axe so your dark adept can defend herself! A complete weapon inventory system that works with all default factions, and many add-on units as well. Works in both multiplayer and campaigns, with an easy-to-use interface.

This is a discussion thread for Armory Mod. Unlike other mods/campaigns that feature inventory systems (at least, unlike others that I've seen) this mod allows all units to share or steal each other's weapons, taking into account different units' skills. For example, a Longbowman's 10x3 bow changes to 9x2 for a Swordsman, making it a useful sidearm. But it's 8x3 for Lieutenants, who are already accustomed to crossbows (but are not as skilled as the original Longbowman). Also, units like bats can't pick up or use weapons, and attacks like a wolf's fangs can't be shared or stolen.

Though behavior can be unpredictable for campaign events that suddenly give units new attacks, it should work quite well with all mainline campaigns. I haven't tested it with all of them, but at the moment I can't find any bugs. Even better, it should be very easy for me to add compatibility with add-on campaigns and eras, so if you enjoy the mod please feel free to make requests.

All other comments and feedback are also welcome! Please let me know if you find anything odd, like a unit you think should be allowed to use weapons but currently isn't.
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