Speaking units, recommended

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Post by DDR »

Hm. This looks to be dangerous. I would want a button to turn off speech, myself. Conversely, I would also like to help with some recordings... perhaps sometime when there is nobody else in the house, as I'm gonna sound pretty silly.
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Post by Ichi »

Strom wrote:In my opinion the idea is good but I think all the speaking should be in English because who will understand something when the units will speak gulu, gelu, quenya, kolam, tralala, wartomanto etc. Such responses will be rather annoying.
And who was ever really annoyed when hearing: "En taro Adun" ?
Or was it really annoying when they spoke Quenya in the LOTR movies?

Also, movies with translation voice overs can be the most annoying entertainment. Even good voice overs, that is.
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Post by Strom »

Well... have you tried watching LOTR with speaking only in elvish? About "En taro Adun" hmmm... what about "my life for Aiur" or "carrier has arrived" or 100 other english responses vs your 3 maybe 4 (?)protossian? I don't have any problem with few unit responses in fantasy language but all speaking in it is a nonesense.
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Re: Speaking units, recommended

Post by Foraglar »

I know the topic is practically dead, but I think I've invented a solution onto spoken briefings, or unit speeches during gameplay...

So here is it :eng:

First proposal: Let's find a lector for the english version! For first feature, only main campaign briefings will be lectured.
Imagine how cool it would be to hear actor speking briefings?

Have you seen Baldur's Gate for example, or Neverwinter Nights? Are there all what can be read lectured? No, only the "mainstream" which is needed for campaign...

Look for Morrowind also. There, all what is spoken is a chatter, short texts like "Good Morning", or "What say you?", and main briefings are silent.

Second proposal: Make packages for languages ;) - if I want I can download with the game the languages which I need. Others won't be DL... So, if I we make readen texts for every lang, they won't take much MB and downloading the game will be easier and faster...

Third proposal: Let's make everything we can... Let everyone record themselves, as they see in the role of Goblin Raider...

Fourth idea: to Strom...
But didn't you fellt quite "in-game" when you heard "En Taro Adun Executor", rather than hearing "Hello, Captain" ? :lol2:
It is a great idea, to make "wesnothian" responses...
Remember Dune? Bila Kaifa etc. - it is making game/film/book better and letting you to dive into the world of this game/film/book...

When I will only have some free time I'll try to record some of the responses proposed by me for the elves...
Like someone earlier said - younger should try humans, elves,
"hi-voice" actors should try goblins or other funny creatures
"bass-voice" actors should make dwarves or orcs (i think i can make also some "orcses" :P Gollum! Gollum!)

Tell your friends, family, older younger brothers sisters! Record them and mail them...

Maybe Devs would give a nomination for "Wesnoth Voice Director" :wink: - sorry if there is a one, and I don't know about him, I'm a beginner here :roll: :eng:

Sry for my english I'm Pole :eng:
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