New elvish-like theme

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New elvish-like theme

Postby A_Two-Sheds_Jackson » April 12th, 2015, 7:46 pm

Hello dear Wesnothians,

it has been suggested that it is not completely ridiculous for me to design music for Wesnoth, so here I am. In this thread, the progress on an elvish-like theme for between scenarios or something shall be documented.

The timeline I will probably implement is as follows:

  • Collection of associated feelings and sense impressions (images, sounds etc.)
  • Collection of musical devices
  • Writing of the music and subsequential posting of the scores and .ogg files with bad sound quality
  • Waiting for feedback
  • Implementing the feedback
  • Really building the music using a good virtual orchestra
  • Waiting for feedback
  • Implementing the feedback, finished!

This may take a year or so. Have a nice day!!!
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