La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

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La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

Post by Kalitas » March 27th, 2014, 5:00 pm


Je réalise actuellement un film de science-fiction dans le cadre de la spécialité cinéma de mon lycée qui va également me servir pour mon épreuve du bac. Je suis actuellement à la recherche de musique pour continuer le montage de mon film, et il se trouve que the Battle for Wesnoth contient dans ses fichiers des musiques qui pourraient me convenir. En partant du principe que c'est un jeu sous licence libre, puis-je donc utiliser ces musiques sans demander l'autorisation des auteurs ? À condition de citer leurs noms au générique bien sûr.

En vous remerciant par avance pour vos réponses ! :)

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Re: La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

Post by Dugi » March 27th, 2014, 5:33 pm

Ce n'est pas licence libre. C'est la licence GPL, qui t'autorise à le télecharger et utiliser gratuitement, mais tu ne peux pas créer des projects qui l'utilisent si ces projects ne sont pas GPL-licencés aussi. Alors, si ton film aura la licence GPL, tu peux utiliser la musique de cet jeu, autrement, tu ne peux pas. Si t'es le PDG de la production de cet film, tu peux choisir que la licence sera GPL et non CC ou quelque chose de similaire qui est utilisé plus frequentement pour art.

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Re: La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

Post by Raijer » March 27th, 2014, 6:46 pm

Dans le contexte, je doute qu'il utilise une licence, ou même qu'il le diffuse au-delà de son lycée. Est-ce que c'est possible de faire une exception si il cite les auteurs des musiques et ne gagne pas d'argent ?
Kalitas, essaie de parler anglais, tu auras plus de réponses.

TRAD for those who don't understand french and might be better informed:

Kalitas is asking if he can use Wesnoth's music for a high school film project, as it fits his film.
Also the film might be useful for his end of high school "diploma" (the french baccalauréat, a little like the german Abitur for those who know about it).
By what Dugi's saying, the problem would be that his film needs to be licensed under GPL, but i doubt this project will actually be diffused outside of his highschool, and it's clear he won't make any money using it. I don't even know if he will use a license. So can't there be an exception for this, as he said he would credit the authors ?
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Re: La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

Post by iceiceice » March 27th, 2014, 7:11 pm

Raijer: Thank you very much for interpreting :)

I believe that you are right, if the work is not distributed beyond school it is probably fine. If it's a project where the student worked on it but consulted with teachers, then for the purposes of the license it may belong to the "organization"? There is a section here: ... stribution

Separately from the text of the GPL there is a portion of copyright law (in the US) called "Fair Use" which often permits schools and nonprofits to make use of copyrighted materials in school projects / presentations. If such a doctrine applies here then you would be permitted to use the material regardless of interpretation of the GPL.

For what it's worth, when I was in highschool I made films that incorporated even privately owned popular music and showed them in class, without a thought as to copyrights. Now I think that may have been illegal, and I suppose the teachers just looked the other way. But maybe it was fair use, I really have no idea.

Note that I am not a lawyer and the real answer to this question may depend on the jurisdiction. I would suggest to speak with the teachers as they probably will know more.

Edit: And of course Dugi is right, if the film as a whole is GPL'd then there's no issue.

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Re: La musique de TBFW est-elle libre de droit ?

Post by zookeeper » March 27th, 2014, 8:12 pm

Regardless of technicalities, the creators of the music tracks wouldn't mind if you use them in school projects, and that's surely the most important consideration.

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