regarding donation links for music composers

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Re: regarding donation links for music composers

Post by fabi » January 25th, 2013, 10:05 pm

West wrote:... Primary problem being: who decides what music is needed ...
Please allow me to make a suggestion:
A set of titles fitting the mood of deserted environments.
I am thinking about Scenarios/Campaigns featuring the Khalifate or Quenoth factions or the "To Lands Unknown" campaign.
...and who gets paid to do it? Surely not the LoM's as this would be a clear case of self interest bias.
I guess if you want to do some more music while getting paid no one will deny you a commission.
But iirc the past and current art commissions are not that well paid.
Also, how much more music does Wesnoth really need?
Music that sounds Drakish and/or Saurian would be nice.
At least one music title for bad weather events like storm, thunderstorm or heavy rain.
A title which mood says: "Seaside".
Is all the music we have even being used?
Yes it is.
The mainline campaign maintainers regularly add new songs to the scenarios' playlists.
Still the usage distribution prefers older titles.

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