What about this?

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Re: What about this?

Post by Telaron »

Hi stinogoal, nice piece you got there.

Update: Would just like to say that I listened to this song again and I actually found that I liked it better on the second listen. (I played this the first time using that 'play low-fi' button and I believe it makes the sound more compressed) Anyhow, I listened to it using the 'play hi-fi' and found it much better. For future listeners, I would definitely recommend using the hi-fi version. The sound is much better. (Actually, I was surprised that my slooooow internet connection actually loaded the hi-fi version.) :roll: :D
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Re: What about this?

Post by Aurigon »

Telaron wrote:Hi stinogoal, nice piece you got there.

The only major complaint I have is that the song does sound rather 'synthetic.' I believe this can be contributed somewhat to the reverb that you are using. Your song, while quite good in pretty much every other way, lacks that clear tone that the Wesnoth music has. Listen to songs from Wesnoth and you will hopefully see what I mean. BTW, what library do you use for your reverb?

Regardless of the reverb, I thought that this was a great piece of music. It is obviously a more vocally centered piece which I enjoyed. Hope you continue to work on this song. :D
I can't really understand this 'synthetic' sound thing... :annoyed: the music from the game doesn't sound either more 'realistic' or 'natural', quite the opposite! Rather this piece has a much more orchestral feel to it. Perhaps it is just me, but I find this song from Stinogoal so intense and dramatic it doesn't even fit the game itself. As I said, it is well worth of a mass-market game, and such an evocative and catchy tune is kind of wasted for Wesnoth. Don't take offense at this, it's just my thought. ^_^ Should it be included, on the other hand, that would soon become the favorite track for any player, you can bet on it. It simply exceeds the music already built in, period. Keep up the good work Stino! 8)

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Re: What about this?

Post by iLeeT_PeeP »

Very nice... ^_^

Sounds like it needs an animated main screen if it would be the new intro.

Very Powerful.

Maybe a wesnoth battle taking place as the backdrop...

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Re: What about this?

Post by FaeLord »

This has the potential to be bad-ass. I will say that the mix is muddy and it could use an interlude in the middle. As well, the end kind of just slogs to a close rather than tapering off elegantly. The main theme with the choral, etc.is a very good basis to work from.

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