We are in need of the following music -

Create music and sound effects for mainline or user-made content.

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Re: We are in need of the following music -

Post by Tyler Johnson »

Hi Cheeselord, can you create a new topic for this track?

I'll have some critiques for you later today, I like the track, it's quite different than what we usually get!

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Re: We are in need of the following music -

Post by CheeseLord »

professor_max - I guess this sort of stuff is better left to the campaign developers. I'm assuming that interludes that only last for about 15 seconds don't really need music anyway, I personally thought pieces like this were meant to be for those slightly beefier chunks of text which would be read at a leisurely pace. That made sense, at least, I think I did ...but nevertheless glad you like it ;)

Tyler J - Looking forward to seeing what you have to say - I'll create the new thread ASAP :D
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