"The Adventure Begins" -- what do people think?

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"The Adventure Begins" -- what do people think?

Post by Lendrick »

So I've been poking and prodding at this song for a while, and it's starting to come together into something I like. I imagine I'll be revising it more. Right now, it's too short and set up to loop (sorry for the abrupt ending) but I think it sounds good so far.



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Re: "The Adventure Begins" -- what do people think?

Post by PPH »

I like the melody a lot, and also how you used secondary melodies, but the structure consists of repeating the melody several times, although with variations in both instrumentation and in the secondary melodies. I don't think that works. You could include a different part between repetitions of the melody. Orchestration is ok, but it sounds a little empty sometimes.

So, musically, this is not bad. You could improve it, though, and it seems to me you are capable of doing it.

The samples you used are not very good. They're not terrible either, but there's something wrong with their sound. Did you use reverb?

Finally, although this is promising, I don't know if it matches the game stylistically. I like this kind of cheerful, melodious piece, but I wonder whether it will work for Wesnoth. What do others think?
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Re: "The Adventure Begins" -- what do people think?

Post by West »

I really don't see this tune ending up in Wesnoth. That's GPO? Wow. Considering that library's reputation I would expect it to sound better, but so far everything I've heard of it leaves me unimpressed. Like PPH I like the melody but honestly, it doesn't fit the game at all. Sounds more like something out of a Police Academy movie. I also think it's quite good musically, but the style is wrong and the samples leave a lot to be desired.

Sorry :/
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Re: "The Adventure Begins" -- what do people think?

Post by azrael1322 »

Hi there!
I'm also an aspiring Wesnoth composer! I also like this melody and would like to hear this developed. This really brings to mind some of the RPGs I used to love playing! I could definitely see this fitting into a game of that type but it seems too cheery to me for Wesnoth. I might try to add some more variation, and definitely try some other samples, the posted "free samples" section in this forum was extremely helpful (and awesome thanks to West for posting!) for me. I know nothing of GPO, but I know there are some great samples that might help in there. On an unrelated, heading over to your site as well. Take care!
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