So Long Ago

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So Long Ago

Post by Velnoc »

Here's my first try at a wesnoth piece. 100% original by me from scratch. I've been a hobbyist at music recording/production for 2 years now but I am no expert on "mastering" (I'm not even sure what that means)... so, my apologies if there are problems with this piece. I "downmixed as hot as possible without clipping" (love that phrase), but I am not sure if it is normalized properly. Anyway, here it is - I'll try and keep a thick skin hehe.
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Re: So Long Ago

Post by West »

Hey there Velnoc, thanks for your submission.

Let me dive right in and say: have you read the Music contribution FAQ? I'm guessing you haven't, so let me quote a pertinent passage:
We are looking for orchestral music, i.e. a simulation of a contemporary large orchestra with strings, brass, winds and percussion. That means no synths, no loops, no drum kits, no electric guitars, nor any other pop/rock instruments.
No synths. From the sound of it, you're using nothing but synths. Which is fine for electronic music, but sadly that is not what we're looking for. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we can't use this. If you're serious about contributing, remake the tune with non-synthesized instruments and I'll give it another listen.
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