Some music samples for review

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Some music samples for review

Post by Zarion »

Hello, people.

Having enjoyed Wesnoth a great deal lately, I felt that I'd like to contribute somehow. I realize that the bar for music submissions is quite high, and I'm not sure I measure up, however I thought I'd show a couple of my somewhat-recent pieces (composed previously, for unrelated reasons) to see what people's opinions are. Can't hurt to try, can it? ;-)

Neither is suitable for mainline submission, as-is, so this is just a sampling. Constructive suggestions welcome :-)

Eve of Ordeal:

Of all the songs I have lying around on my computer, this one seemed to me the most appropriate for a military strategy game. In fact, the image I had in my mind for this song was an army preparing to fight a battle they know they cannot win. It isn't actually complete at the moment; for some reason I never finished it, but that situation could be rectified if someone expressed an interest.

Beneath a Vagrant Moon:

While the style of this piece doesn't readily lend itself to the feel of Wesnoth, I include it both because I like it, and because it might be appropriate for a scenario or campaign with a middle-eastern / desert theme.

Well, in any event, I look forward to people's responses.

(Ps: I appologize for having to navigate the mess of filefactory download timers to actually get to the songs. I don't currently have any hosting options other than various free services such as this. If anyone can suggest a better alternative, I'd love to hear it)

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Post by zookeeper »

At least Eve of Ordeal sounded good to me, but most likely not quite polished enough for mainline. It's still good enough that I don't have a reason to believe you couldn't do stuff good and polished enough for mainline with some effort. Aleksi and TimothyP would be the right people to discuss this more with (I hope they notice and comment here a bit).

But in any case, music not accepted for mainline would still be welcome for many user-made campaigns, so while aiming for mainline-quality pieces it's worth remembering that many pieces not accepted to mainline can still make for a great contribution.

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Post by Aleksi »

The first music is pretty good but a bit too repetitive in my opinion. I think it would work great on a user campaign. Many people here are looking for music. Perhaps you could focus on that?



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Post by Bernhardt »

I downloaded the "Eve of Ordeal" and I liked it.

I think is a very simple and clear page to upload your files.

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Post by danv »

I like Eve of Ordeal, nice headtune, and some good harmonies ;D

I've been working on 1 melody now myself, when i'm finnish i'll put it here soon as possible!

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Post by fmunoz »

if I ever took the time to finish my campaign I'll use your oriental like music for the "Desert of Winds" level... my arab looking air mage foe needs a good soundtrack :-)
(If you allow it)

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Post by Zarion »

Sure, go ahead. I'd be happy for it to find a useful home. :-) And to the others who have responded, thanks for listening, and I'm glad that many of you liked them. Sorry for not replying earlier. I'd been planning on composing another piece, specifically with Wesnoth in mind to submit, but it's been taking me longer to get around to it than I'd anticipated. Life's been.... a bit troublesome lately, shall we say? :P In any event, I still intend to do this, once I can manage to get back at creative pursuits. No definite timeframe or anything, but I don't intend to fully vanish into the void, either :P

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