Voiceover for An Orcish Incursion Development thread

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Re: Voiceover for An Orcish Incursion Development thread

Post by The_Gnat » June 21st, 2019, 10:20 pm

theuncertainman wrote:
June 20th, 2019, 12:17 pm
Yeah I think l'll redo some Erlornas lines in July and improve the speed and quality.

I'm happy to voice another character but this time I'll pick a minor one. Are there any that you think are suitable?
Sounds good! One option is the advisor in scenario 5. He doesn't have too many lines :)
RolfDhew wrote:
June 20th, 2019, 5:58 pm
The voice acting is very professional and fitting! Thank you to all the contributors!
Thank you!!! It is great to hear that people are enjoying it! :)

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