[Item handling and Crafting]

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[Item handling and Crafting]

Post by shevegen »

I recently discovered that some changes happened at the least in one very long campaign,
in regards to the user interface handling of items and crafting.

First: this is GOOD. It is now MUCH more convenient to handle items.

There are separate slots for the armours and these are shown as an overview as well,
which is also good. SO whoever did this - he or she made a great job here.

There is, however had, one small part that could be improved ... and this is that
sometimes I'd like to quickly purge certain items by converting them into a
random gem.

Perhaps another UI element could be added "convert into a gem", or a separate
new slot (entry) could be added in the general overview part. The general overview
is great - it would be good if this could be extended.

Do other campaigns also make use of it? I believe it would be best to decide for
a consistent UI for all campaigns IF they use equipment.
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Re: [Item handling and Crafting]

Post by Iris »

Is this about a Wesnoth campaign? It's overly non-specific and this forum section is not for Wesnoth content in the first place.
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Re: [Item handling and Crafting]

Post by Whiskeyjack »

This is about LotI.
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