PNP Wesnoth based boardgame/wargame

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PNP Wesnoth based boardgame/wargame

Post by ElVecchi » January 11th, 2018, 7:32 pm

First of all, hello! :D This is my first day in these forums. I love BFW not only for the game itself but the Workshop Community and the dev team wonderful job in a FREE but beautiful game. As a hobby I like boardgame designing I’m working in two prototypes but none of both have seen the light yet.
I had this idea a while ago with my brother who showed my BFW. The idea is pretty simple and what I will need to know is if someone has done something similar.
1) I want to make a free Print and Play game using BFW lore and even graphics. The "game" would be a pdf document with pages of maps, tiles, villages, many units(probably starting with 2 factions so we could test it easily, but eventually having all the main ones), tokens for coins, and special statuses and of course the rules.
2) There will be premade maps or the option to make maps combining hexes with some configurations explained on the rules.
3) The main gamemode would be a battle between two armies trying to kill the Leader of each. But there could be targets with additional Winning conditions like a "King of the Hill" mode where you need to take control of some tiles for X time.
3) I want terrain to influence the randomness like in BFW. The game would use dices and maybe also coins.
4) Recruitment would be made with a fixed starting amount of gold. Units would have cost from 1-3(these numbers of course are just ideas). There would be some villages on the maps, less than the usual BFW map, controlling them would give 1 Gold per turn. It’s pretty crucial to put few villages because it’s not fun in boardgames to have a lot of tokens, its uncomfortable.
This is me scratching the surface of something IDK how much deep it could reach. Please enlighten me with ideas, or other similar games to look at.

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