Howto Make a Commercial Game With Minimal Costs

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Howto Make a Commercial Game With Minimal Costs

Post by The_Unforgiven » May 11th, 2016, 10:39 pm

Hi, I am documenting all of the programs I can find to make a commercial video game, at minimal costs. I have a few programs documented already, but if you have any that you know of, that can be used commercially, please let me know!

Game Engines:
Unreal Engine:
Unity Game Engine:
Blender Game Engine:
Art Developement:
Blender 3D:
Paint.Net (Not URL):
Music/Sound Effects:
None Found:
None Found:
Console Registration:
Xbox One:
Xbox 360 (Unavailable):
Playstation 4:
Playstation 3:
Playstation Vita:
Wii U:
Extra Resources:
None Found:
Edit: Added Console Section
Edit2: Added Inkscape to Art section

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