The future of online gaming? EVE Online + Dust 514

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The future of online gaming? EVE Online + Dust 514

Post by Daravel »

I'm sure most of you will have heard of EVE Online, wonder how many have heard of CCP's upcoming MMOFPS for PS3? The game was unveiled on thursday at CCP's fanfest (titled DUST 514) and showcased what could well be the future for online games:
Action starts around 5 minutes in, but the section of particular interest is 12:50 onwards. What you're seeing here is 2 dust 514 players on a PS3 fighting on the surface of a planet, then simultaneously 2 EVE Online players on their PC's warp into orbit around that planet. On the same server (both EVE and Dust take place on a one sharded server, the same server). The EVE player then proceeds to shoot at the planet, which then turns up on the planet in Dust a couple of seconds later.

Seriously cool :) Dust is also free to play.
What do we think, will this be the future?

Edit: This should have gone in game development. Oops.

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Re: The future of online gaming? EVE Online + Dust 514

Post by Pentarctagon »

Moved to Game Development.

And yes, that looks really cool.
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Re: The future of online gaming? EVE Online + Dust 514

Post by scienceguy8 »

This video was released last week and is very much relevant to the discussion at hand: one game interacting with another and the possibilities of such interaction for bringing different players together.

Extra Credits: Transgaming
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