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Battle Dex

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Battle Dex is a free to play (but you can pay to get stuff) strategy game, that can be defined as a mix between Advance Wars and Magic The Gathering (or any average card game for that matter), as you control modern combat units and use a deck of 12 cards with special powers to try to win in the hex based maps.

Bear in mind the video is old, so the interface is better looking now.

Wiki entry:


Account registration: (referred by me). (without referrence).

I have to say i found this game months ago and I love it, as I had been searching for something similar to Advance Wars to play online.

The game has four main game modes: sealed (both player get a set of random cards and choose their decks from it), constructed (deck is made with the cards you own), teams and Free For All.

There are 10 training mission, soon 15 single player missions, over 30 cooperative missions as well as tournaments.

More than half of the coop missions are free and there are always at least 2 or 3 free tournaments a day (some even feature 25 and 50 $ prices).

To play for the paying content you need to purchase points and card packs (contains 8 cards, you can use to buy entry to tournaments or just open them) or you can suscribe for 10 $ a month and get some packs, points, free entry to two tournaments, a special premium card each month, ability to trade with other players, etc.

But the great thing about this game is that you can enjoy almost all of it without paying anything, given that sealed mode is the most popular game mode (and there it doesn't matter if you paid nothing and your opponent has spent 100 $), and there is a genuine feeling that the developers are trying to make money for sure, but not trying to rip you of every cent. As an example, one of the premium cards from a past month became available as a reward for finishing a free coop.

The game is constantly being updated and it's sure to improve in the future.

As for the gameplay itself, I must say this is NOT CASUAL AT ALL, it is infact extremely unforgiving to new players, and even though luck does indeed play a part it is far smaller than, for example, in Wesnoth, as top players consistently beat everyone else even in sealed matches.

On the negative side, the game is still a work in progress, there are still quirks and bugs that need to be fixed (but in my personal experience after hundreds of games, bugs are rather rare) and the player base is really, really small right now (but it has been said by the devs that a big publicity campaing is coming).

Finally, I must say I'm in no way related to this game other than being a loyal player seeing an under rated game with great potential and hoping to do my part to make it grow (since I can't support the game with money, due to lack of credit card/paypal).
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