A relevant article for game developers

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Re: A relevant article for game developers

Post by tekelili »

Very interesting links MCP, I enjoyed them a lot.

I have a more subjective point of view: People use to value more what they more lack.

When I was studing publicity creativeness, guys with more executory power were the most looked for, because our resources to execute were very few, and really on those circunstances poor ideas well executed were far better than good ideas poorly executed. But when I was working in a top creativity agency for companies like McDonalds with huge amounts of money to invest and with power to hire the best executors in any field... well, good ideas and creativity were the most value thing and our only weapon to fight competence.

I really think that if you ask people for most important thing in live: money, health or love; Anyone that suffered a very big lack of one option in his/her life, would chose it as answer.

Wesnoth forum has lack of people with executory power, so I find quite predictable value it more than other skills here (I used predictable, but could have also used reasonable)

Sorry for my English, tried my best.
Be aware English is not my first language and I could have explained bad myself using wrong or just invented words.
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Re: A relevant article for game developers

Post by MCP »

I see, once a company is successful, one can almost surely assume they have the people who can execute, and its then they need leaders in innovation who can somehow work well with people who can execute it for profit, and then keep the talent they have.

What happens when one has all three, Money, Health, and Love, as I do? Do I naturally get complacent? Or have I learned enough to keep improving myself? For now I'm a partially succeeding with improving myself, but could I be doing more? That's the sort of skeptical, but important attitude Ed Catmull was trying to talk about.

Part of Ed Catmull's talk was about how Pixel could become dis-honest with themselves by not striving to improve themselves after so much success, a lesson he had learned by observing SGI, and so they had to find a way to convince people to improve themselves and make the next iteration of success through hard work.

"Wesnoth forum has lack of people with executory power, so I find quite predictable value it more than other skills here"
Do you mean, "many people here would more likely value people with execution skills because most people here do not have this 'execution' skill set"? Meaning mostly, people here want some combination of software engineer and game designer who has the dedication to implement potentially innovative ideas.

Personally, I have an innovative idea for a WML game, but I won't implement it because I just don't find enough value in doing it. I even have some specific technical details worked out, but ... *shrug*
Maybe I like imagining it more than actually doing it in this case.
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