Super Mario Crossover

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Re: Super Mario Crossover

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Jetrel wrote:One future-example I'm really hoping does not get crushed, is this fighter game in the works. All of the sprite-art in this is amazing; it's all original spriting, none of it ripped (they're building the game using MUGEN - although MUGEN is usually detestable, they're obviating the one prime flaw of it by providing a base of consistent content). I mean, the level of polish these guys are going for blows my mind, since the lawyers could kick the door down any day: ... re=related
The guy (or at least one of them) who does the sprite art for that game is utterly amazing. I've seen some of his other work, and it's all brilliant. dA link for those interested.
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Re: Super Mario Crossover

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I played that on another site with mostly Link and Samus. Simply adorable. :D
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