The kind of RPG I would like to see

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Re: The kind of RPG I would like to see

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Ken_Oh wrote:roadkill: You're exactly right. The ideal MMORPG, in my mind, would have absolutely no NPCs other than monsters. Players would be the bandits, players would be the wizard in the dark tower, players would be the undead horde that needs fighting. Economies would be interdependent, ala M.U.L.E.
Have you tried PlaneShift?
Here you can be what do you want, ppl act in full roleplaying and you have quest by npc in the "old style" OR by ppl.

I tryed an year ago and i enjoyed. Shame on me, I don't have so much time to play it well :)
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Re: The kind of RPG I would like to see

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There's a difficult problem with a game like that. I can go sign up and start playing, but what can I really do as the undead horde, level 1 zombie, raised by Orpheus the Necromancer? Die? (again)

It's tough to level the playing field for someone new and someone experienced.

Check out a game like Tekken, they work really hard to balance the characters and the game. Fact is a new player is going to be stomped by someone who is serious about this game, but least they have an equal chance, especially if they both pick the same character.

But then add in RPG elements and a level 1 experienced player almost certainly has no chance to beat a newbie who has a lvl 99 character.

Walking Corpses on a village to produce more walking corpses, lol. A ZOMBIE FACTORY!

@daniel.santos: Very neat post. Yea at some points human evolved this idea of something like a Nash equilibrium for survival. We need some kind of feedback control loop nested inside of other feedback control loops. Each individual has its weighted function, and each household has its weighted function, and each group has its weighted function, and each city, and each region, and each planet.
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Re: The kind of RPG I would like to see

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I'm liking this idea and would like to point to some good articles on (granted its D&D) gaming

The New World has interesting concepts in diplomacy, race creation, geographical influences, etc.

The Play Theory section speaks of detail levels and the ability to make things realistic.

On a side note, how is travelling planned? The two big options I see are a continuous world, maybe with transport from zone to zone, or a partitioned world (Fallout 1 & 2 come to mind) where you get an engineered city and the areas around them are created from a few generic templates. Alternately you can take on the Arcanum model, where the world is continuous, but you can, as soon as you're out of a fight or city, hop into the faster travelling mode.
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