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Post by gabe »

why is it that now a days all the good RPG games are video console or MMOG or however it goes?

does any one know of good rpg's that can be played on a laptop anymore

free games especially

or are they all proprietary pay to get games

i want a game to play when the internet dont work
and i want a rpg

any links?
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Post by zookeeper »

gabe wrote:does any one know of good rpg's that can be played on a laptop anymore

free games especially

or are they all proprietary pay to get games
I think you're quite out of luck trying to find good free RPGs (maybe there's one or two? I don't recall any unless you start counting roguelikes and whatnot). There's plenty of rather good proprietary games though.

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Post by Maeglin Dubh »

Roguelikes FTW.

Just google ADOM, TOME, Angband, etc....
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Post by Kestenvarn »

IVAN, too.

Although that would be better minus the comedy element, in my opinion.

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Post by playtom »

you want single player RPG that's also free and can be played on the labtop?

good luck finding it, i think there are some but mostly not 3d. click here
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Post by irrevenant »

Huh. I opened http://happypenguin.org to take a squizz and the first entry's a new RPG. :)

Have you tried the Hero of Allacrost and Adonthell demos?

But yeh, it's pretty much all roguelikes, though some of them are very pretty (S.C.O.U.R.G.E for example).

Note: HappyPenguin is a Linux Gaming site, but an awful lot of games available for Wesnoth are made using cross-platform libraries and available on Windows as well.

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Post by Dave »

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Post by TheFlyingSquid »

There are a number of RPGs that would likely run on a laptop created by Richard Gariott. They aren't free but they are cheap and quality.

My favorite is the Avernum series.

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Post by irrevenant »

Heh. Yeh, I kind of assumed that one went without saying. :)

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Post by Iris »

I'll try the Hero of Allacrost as soon as I remember to download and build lua manually.
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Post by i »

Helherron's good. 8 PC party, it's a true old-school RPG.

Get past the Ultima V style graphics, and you have a high quality RPG - it's all about the party-based combat, and the combat is better than 95% of the old school RPGs that have ever been made.


The Linux version is the most stable one.

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Post by Lorbi »

if u dont mind when its not real 3d ... there are the RPG maker games
some of them are real fun for plenty of hours

bad thing is that the biggest community is german and so are most of the game
http://rpg2000.4players.de/index.php?inhalt=spiele2 have a look here if u speak german ... dunno a good english site : (

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Post by Gauteamus »

If by "RPG", you mean "define your own victoy condition", give Dwarf Fortress a try!
Shiny new version with 3D-fortressing and fluid mechanics coming up in a fortnight or so :D
Play Dwarf Fortress, where berserker dwarves really make you cry!
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Post by akroma »

Imagetry this it's very "fun",well it depends on your point of view so check it out

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Post by bonehead11 »

Laxius power is good free rpg its really really really long.It took me half year to get to only half of the game.

http://www.download-free-games.com/free ... ophecy.htm
Ahrimans prophecy its really interesting game. Its hard.

Broken hearts one of the BEST rpg wich i played. Its little sad but excellent u will love it.But one small problem its only in czech lenguage.And i dont know if its going to release in english version.To download click on the "Stahnout bh.exe"

Last scenario really complex and entertaining game.Its hard.Oh and to download click on the "Stahnout last scenario.rar"

Another rpg.To download click on the "Stahnout runesword2.rar"

3D diablo like free rpg.Just download like the others.

This game is cool but short.Download like others.

This is fun 3D rpg. Its FUN.

http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/195/T ... Arena.html
No comment.One of the best rpg ever,well if u like abandonware.

http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/153/M ... night.html
A fun rpg game for your whole family.U can cut heads of here.

This ones a classic.

Oh and to run Dos games use this http://www.dosbox.com/
Its an emulator of dos.

http://www.s2games.com/savage/index.php ... avageindex
This one is great. Its free online rpg. Its not mmorpg its like battlefield but u go fantasy humans vs beasts.

Hope u like them. If u want more just ask :wink:

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